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4 Barbell Core Exercises to Spice Up Your Routine

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

A comprehensive fitness program should include total body movements that engage the core, but sometimes it's fun to toss in a few core specific exercises. Before the next infomercial tries to sell you some expensive core training gadget, try out these exercises using one of the most common tools that you will find in the gym...the barbell.

Landmine Anti-Rotation: Hold the barbell on an angle overhead, with a light weight attached (this video is shown with a #10 bumper plate). While keeping arms completely extended, slowly rotate the barbell to one hip, without rotating the trunk, then elevate the barbell back to the starting position. Repeat on the opposite side. Complete 10-15 repetitions on each side. This exercise can be progressed to split stance, ½ kneeling and tall kneeling to change the difficulty level If you don't have a landmine attachment, you can roll up a yoga mat and place it in the corner of a room to create padding for the barbell.

Barbell Roll Out: Load a barbell with plates (using 10lb plates in this video) and grab the bar with an overhand, shoulder-width grip. Position your shoulders directly over the barbell and slowly roll the bar forwards. Pause, then reverse the move. Complete 8-12 repetitions per side.

Barbell Suitcase Carry: Want to advance those dumbbell carries you've been doing? Try this. Hold the barbell in one hand, directly in the center. Slowly walk forward in a heel-toe progression, focusing on slow and deliberate movements. Maintain a consistent pace for 20 steps with the barbell in each arm.

Due to the barbell’s longer shape, the center of gravity is more challenging to find and even harder to maintain while walking.

Weighted Barbell Slow Marching: While maintaining erect spinal positioning with a barbell in a front rack position, slowly march slowly in place while trying to keep the hips and shoulders square. This drill stresses asymmetrical leg stability, coordination, and balance while encouraging trunk stability under compression.

Want an added challenge? Try adding more weight to one side of the bar for an asymmetric load.

Having a strong core is protective against all sorts of injuries. These exercises are a great addition to any strength program and the final phases of a back pain rehab program.

If you are looking to rehabilitate an injury, get stronger for athletics or get involved in a new & exciting workout routine, then be sure to hit the REQUEST APPOINTMENT button at the top of the page.

Our physical therapists are highly trained on the musculoskeletal system and will provide a thorough evaluation to diagnose your injury. Once complete, they will provide you with the ultimate combination of manual therapy, corrective exercise and strength progressions to eliminate any pain you have, improve your overall health and prevent injuries from returning in the future.

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