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A New Standard for Physical Therapy

Kinetix has served the physical therapy and sports rehab needs of the Charlotte Metro area since 2020.  


We are an independent, physical therapist owned and operated clinic.

Our goal is to improve the health, wellness, and performance of the active population by providing a new standard of physical therapy care. 

You'll notice that Kinetix looks more like a boutique gym than a medical office. Our clinic space and the expertise of our therapists allows us to restore our patient’s bodies following injury or surgery, optimize their mechanics, and enhance their performance.  Kinetix will bridge the gap between rehabilitation and performance.  This is not your typical physical therapy.

Empowering You

Your ability to function well physical through life impacts all areas of your health. 

Whether you're an athlete, a runner, a CrossFitter or anything in between, moving well brings you mental and social well-being.

 In our mutual goal of improving your health and performance, it is through education that we are able to empower you to take control of the process.

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