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Pre/Post Surgery

Let us help you create a game-plan for a succcesful recovery with both pre-op and post-op physical therapy

Sports Injury

Pre and post-operative physical therapy offers a multitude of benefits for patients undergoing surgical procedures.  Post-operatively, physical therapy plays a crucial role in reducing pain, restoring mobility, and promoting healing, ultimately facilitating a faster return to normal activities and improving long-term functional outcomes. Additionally, personalized therapy plans can address specific rehabilitation needs, minimize complications, and empower patients with the tools and techniques to regain independence and quality of life.

While you may be familiar with post-surgical rehabilitation programs, there are benefits to a structured pre-surgical or “pre-habilitation” program. Before surgery, physical therapy aims to educate the patient on what to expect following their procedure, optimize strength, flexibility, and overall physical condition, which can improve surgical outcomes and enhance recovery.

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