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Dr. Marisa Littmann PT, DPT


Marisa was born and raised in a small town in central Connecticut. Throughout her childhood, she was a very active participant in sports, especially basketball. She also enjoyed boating and waterskiing on the lake and spending time outside. She received a BS in Exercise Science with a minor in biology from High Point University. During her undergraduate career, she was a research intern at the university’s Human Biomechanics Anatomy & Physiology Lab, where they studied the effectiveness of cleat stiffness to reduce injury in football and soccer players. She also took advantage of the opportunity to study abroad on the east coast of Australia for a semester. She continued her education at HPU to obtain her doctorate of physical therapy.  During her clinical rotations, she gained interest in the outpatient and active populations and had the opportunity to work with NASCAR pit crew teams and F1 drivers. After graduation, she relocated to Charlotte, NC to begin her career as a physical therapist. In 2022, she was a resident of an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist program to advance her clinical skills further. 

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