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Chris Lewis NASM CPT and Owner


Chris was born and raised in Maryland.  He spent the majority of his career supporting government defense and intelligence.  After working for various companies throughout his career he knew he wanted to control his own destiny.  In 2004 he started a software company along with his business partners.  After building a successful company they sold it in 2017. Chris has been an avid runner and cyclist and has always had a passion for sports and exercise.  Chris also coached high school track and cross country for over 13 years.  As a weekend warrior Chris had his share of injuries and spent time getting physical therapy.  The Physical Therapists that Chris worked with were always passionate about what they did for others.  Looking to be involved somehow with Physical Therapy, Chris talked with his future son in law (Garrett) who was in PT school at the time.   Starting a Physical Therapy practice was a great way to combine his love for coaching, exercise, and business.  Chris obtained his CPT from the National Academy of Sports Medicine in 2018.  Chris is also a co-owner of Straight Shot Training, a personal training studio in Frederick, Maryland. 

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