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Kinetix is excited partner with Strikers of Gaston County Soccer Association to to provide resources, education, medical support and further guidance to all of the student-athletes, teams and coaches.  Use this page as your resource for our amazing partnership!
What to expect and what's included:


  • Consult Nights – Our staff will be out monthly at practices to meet with players who may be battling through injuries or pain to discuss best options.

  • Concierge Line – Direct access and immediate response hotline so that parents can get player questions answered and into the clinic with urgency, or as needed

  • Educational Content to help athletes recover and perform at their best

  • Open Access to Kinetix for recovery sessions with the Normatec Recovery Boots, Hyperice Massage Guns, Rollers and other tools. Details Below.

  • Internship Opportunities for Student-Athletes interested in Physical Therapy or Sports Medicine Careers.

  • Coach/Parent/Player Education – Customized Educational Content, Meetings and Webinars

Concierge Line

Injured at practice, lingering pain, or sustained an injury elsewhere that is keeping you from playing? Our team is here to help. We want to get you seen ASAP. In most instances we can get you on the schedule and in our facilities within 1-2 days.  Avoid the wait of seeing your Primary Care Physician, or having to visit an Urgent Care.

How to Contact Kinetix

  1. Text (preferred) or Call Dr. Garrett Foland – 980-277-2146

  2. Email –

  3. Call our Office – 980-277-2770

Coming off a tournament weekend or culmination of a busy training and game schedule?  You have free access to our Recovery Sessions in Kinetix! 

*Walk-ins are NOT allowed, you must call to schedule a time to use recovery equipment!

Eliminate Soreness, Decrease Pain, and Increase your Recovery Time! Use the Normatec Compression Boots, Hyperice Massage Guns, and have access to other Stretching & Soft Tissue Equipment.   


Free Recovery

When and Why Physical Therapy

When Should I Send My Athlete to Kinetix?

Working hand in hand with your Athletic Trainers, parents and coaches should consider consulting a physical therapist for their youth athlete when the individual is experiencing pain, swelling, or decreased/painful movement. All of these items can then lead to a decrease in normal ability to perform daily activities or sport participation. Not only do PTs treat injury but they are movement specialists and can help determine areas of your body that may be limiting your performance. Here are some instances to consider consulting a PT:

  • A new injury that occurred during an activity, often a sprain or strain

  • A pain that has developed over time with no specific incident and causes discomfort during or after activity

  • A constant reoccurrence of a minor injury that only slightly limits participation (ie. reoccurring ankle sprains)

  • Concussion or head injury with lingering symptoms

  • Post-operative care

  • Inability to feel recovered after a series of practices or games

  • Flexibility limiting every day activities or performance

  • Seeking a movement assessment to learn areas of limitation that may contribute to future injury

Athletic trainers and physical therapists have similar roles in regard to management and treatment of sport injuries. Both physical therapists and athletic trainers work to prevent, evaluate, and rehabilitate injuries, working together, along with Strength & Conditioning staff, to ensure a safe return 2 play.

Strength Program 2-Day Split

Download our Free Soccer Specific Strength Program to Improve your Performance

and Reduce Your Risk of Injury

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