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Crockpot Garlicky Butter Chicken and Veggies

I will say this has to be one of the least photogenic meals I've made, but it does taste good and came together really easily. This recipe makes a lot! So you can definitely cut it in half if you want.

This recipe also really doesn't even need a recipe! You throw in chicken breast, whatever vegetables you want, butter, garlic and some seasonings! I know it sounds like a lot of butter in the ingredient list, but I promise you won't be eating all that butter. We served this over couscous, but could easily be served on its own or over rice or pasta.


- 2lb chicken breast

- lots of vegetables (I used about 2 heads broccoli, 2 zucchini, and 2 bunches of asparagus

-1c butter (2 sticks)

-5 garlic cloves, finely chopped

-1 tsp salt

-1 tbsp dried parsley


- place all ingredients in the crockpot

-cook on high for 4 hours

Enjoy and happy cooking!

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