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Common Head & Neck Injuries

These are some of the more common and general injuries we may see and are not an exhaustive list. Our dedicated and experienced staff will work with you on any issues and pain you may be experiencing and create a unique plan of care to meet and exceed your goals.

Cervical Radiculopathy

Cervical radiculopathy is pain that originates due to the compression of cervical nerve roots related to disc injury (herniation) or arthritic changes at cervical spine joints. Radiculopathy is often characterized by local neck pain, pain that spreads into the shoulder, upper back, or down the arm, muscle weakness in the same areas, changes in sensation (including numbness or tingling), and decreased tendon reflexes. Radiclopathy does not always require surgical intervention and recently conservative management including PT has been favored as initial treatment. Following evaluation, your PT will utilize treatment strategies including exercise, strengthening, stretching, and manual therapy to address your complaints and limitations and determine the need for further evaluation.

Neck Strain

Neck strains are muscular injuries that can occur due to acute injury or chronic overuse/overload. These injuries are characterized by muscle spasm, neck stiffness, local and occasionally referred pain, and loss of neck range of motion. Prognosis depends on the degree of injury however neck strains typically respond well to treatment including strengthening, stretching, and manual therapy as needed.

Concussions are mild traumatic brain injuries sustained through either direct or indirect blows to the head, neck, or body causing the brain to shake within the skull. Concussions can occur with or without a loss of consciousness and are characterized by a variety of symptoms that involve physical, cognitive, emotional, or sleep disturbances. Recommendations have shifted in recent years to include active treatment strategies including physical therapy. Following an evaluation your PT can assist you in determining the required next steps, work together with you and the medical team to outline an appropriate timeline for return to activity, and to assist you in achieving full recovery.

Whiplash Associated Disorders refers to the collection of symptoms associated with whiplash type injuries often sustained during motor vehicle accidents or other events. Symptoms may include stiffness of the neck, pain, muscle strains/spasms, and headaches among others. Another key characteristic includes the absence of fracture or other structural abnormalities. The prognosis of WAD is variable and often unpredictable however it is amenable to PT care.

Cervical Spine Surgery Recovery
Spine surgeries in the cervical region include discectomy or fusion among others. Our PTs are familiar with a variety of spine surgeries and will work with you and the surgical team to navigate your post-operative rehabilitation, address your limitations, and establish a plan and appropriate timeline for return to your desired activities.

Cervicogenic Headache
Cervicogenic headaches are headaches that are related to pain, stiffness, or spasm originating from the neck. These headaches can often present one or both sides of the head. Cervicogenic headaches can respond well to physical therapy treatments including manual therapy, dry needling, and exercise.

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