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Physical Therapy at Kinetix helps active adults and athletes in the Charlotte area continue to do what they love without the use of pain medications, injections or surgery.

Are you experiencing nagging pain? Are you having trouble working out the way you used to? Have you been told you have severe arthritis or a bad spine?

Were you told your only option is to stop doing the activities you love, take medication or even worse, have surgery?

If you are not happy with those answers and want another opinion you have come to the right place. At Kinetix Physiotherapy and Performance, we treat the whole person, not just the diagnosis in order to restore your function, your life and your health.

Personal Training at Kinetix brings your performance in life and sport to the next level through progressive functional fitness in an awesome, personalized workout. 

Concerned that your personal trainer will be too aggressive and leave you injured? Don't like working out in front of others? Have you tried doing your own workouts, but haven't made progress towards your goals? 

Kinetix offers an unparalleled semi-private boutique fitness facility full of the best equipment and a team of incredible trainers from Straight Shot Training

Included with the purchase of a personal training package, you will have a movement screen performed by our doctor of physical therapy.  Any movement concerns or limitations will be discussed with your trainer and corrective exercises will be built into your fitness program.  We want to help you move better, feel better and perform better. 





Within weeks, I began feeling relief from my overuse injury and I was able to return to my regular training schedule.

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Dr. Foland is incredibly knowledgeable and very thorough. I highly recommend Kinetix Physiotherapy and Performance.



Tel. 980-277-2770

Fax. 980-209-6560

420 E. Central Ave
Mount Holly, NC 28120


Monday - Friday 
7:00am - 6:00pm


Stop living in pain. Give us a call today at 980-277-2770 and schedule your FREE 20 minute Discovery Session. We will conduct a physical screening to determine the cause of your pain and initiate a treatment plan. This session is a great way to start to understand why you are feeling what you are feeling!