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Caution! Construction Ahead

Although our doors won’t open for another week or two, we have been hard at work since March to get this space perfect. We have leased over 4,500 square feet of space in the beautifully renovated Mount Holly Municipal Complex. Our vision has been to merge the look and functionality of a medical office with a fitness center so that we can bridge the gap between your rehabilitation and fitness. If you've ever been to a traditional physical therapy clinic you may have only used elastic bands for your strengthening exercises. That’s a great start, but a band isn’t going to suffice if your goal is to pick up your 30lb child, play football again or return to rock climbing at the White Water Center. Then you get discharged from therapy and you’re unsure if you’re able to get back to these activities. You’re not confident that your back won’t give out or that you won’t re-aggravate your shoulder when you place these demands on them.

Kinetix is not your traditional physical therapy clinic. We removed the budget carpeting and are currently installing rubber gym floors and 1,000 square feet of artificial turf. When you come in, you’ll see that one side of the clinic looks like a standard physical therapy room; tables, balance equipment and yes, elastic bands. The other side of the gym you’ll see a dumbbell rack, barbells, sleds and kettlebells. We have the space, equipment along with the practical skills and knowledge to use them.

When you finish your rehab at Kinetix, you’ll be faster, stronger and more confident in your ability to return to whatever it is that you love doing.

If you’re in Mount Holly, Mountain Island Lake, Charlotte, Belmont or Gastonia and you need rehab, you’re going to want to come here. If you’re an athlete looking to reach your full human potential, you’re going to need to come here.

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