Kinetix Bootcamp

Our bootcamp focuses on one or more muscle groups per day and mixes in cardio, core, and functional movements for a great workout each and every class.
Utilizing a variety of equipment no other group training program offers, as well as a motivating community, bootcamp is the solution for anyone intimidated by lifting weights or simply looking to step up their current routine. Our bootcamp exercises are scalable so that whatever your fitness level, you will be challenged appropriately.
With an experienced trainer demonstrating the movements as well as making sure your form is correct, you can count on an effective workout that will leave you sore the next day!
If you’ve been looking for a solution to tone up those problem areas or build up those low points, look no further because bootcamp is your solution!



  • Tues: 6am

  • Thurs: 6am

  • Sat: 8am 


Pricing Options

  • First Class $0

  • Drop In Class- $15

  • 10 Classes- $100

​COVID Precautions?

  • For those not fully vaccinated, a mask is highly recommended

  • All equipment is sanitized before and after class

  • Distancing will be enforced where possible

What to expect the first class?

  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to get signed in 

  • Bring plenty of water to stay hydrated

Do I need to be fit to join?

  • Our exercises are "scalable" meaning that we can progress or regress the difficulty to meet your current fitness level